Hypnobirthing Overview

Hypnobirthing is a complete and comprehensive antenatal programme that guides and prepares a woman, her partner and the baby towards a peaceful, gentle and calm birth. It is a wonderful learning process that helps them understand what is happening in preparation for during and after birth.

The programme addresses the psychological and physical well-being of those involved in the birth by helping the mother and her partner to be in control and work together with their midwife or health care provider to bring about the happy and safe arrival of their baby, however and wherever that may be.

It includes deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, guided hypnosis, specific breathing techniques and visualisation. Mothers learn to practice at relaxing their body and mind with such ease that they control the natural chemical and hormonal balances of labour and birth effectively on the day.

The programme covers natural birth, why interventions may be suggested, what they are and how to navigate around them unless genuinely required. The mechanics of birth will be explained and how, when and why the variety of equipment available (such as birth pools etc) can be beneficial.

Hypnobirthing begins as soon as the learning starts, continues to the birth and bonding of the family afterwards. Research also shows that many of the skills and practises learned will be useful and influential after the childbirth to help parents better manage their lives.

How Will Hypnobirthing Benefit Me?

Enjoy your

• Helping partners
to be involved and
feel confident in
their role

• Adapt to any birth
location. Water birth,
home, or hospital.

• Learning skills that
will help you any
time you feel stress
in the future

• Learn relaxation
and breathing
techniques that
help you labour
at your own pace

• Release fear, and
reduce anxiety

• Use the techniques
to ensure a calm and
comfortable birth

• You will be less
likely to require
pain relief or other

• KG hypnobithing
will not guarantee a
‘perfect birth’, but
it will make a
difference to every
birth, and help you
achieve a positive
birth experience.

• Be in control
of your birth

• Allow your
body to work
as nature

• Work together with
your partner, so that
you both benefit

• Adapt to any circum-
stances surrounding
your pregnancy
and birth

• Babies who are
born showing less
distress and are
often calmer and
more alert

Hypnobirthing Testimonials

Jo and Richard

Dear Kerry

Richard and Would like to thank you for your help.

Our little girl Georgia Edith Mary has arrived safe and well and the doctors were very impressed that I delivered her naturally.

I felt it was Ok all the way through and although she was 7lb 11oz the doctors were sure it would end up as an assisted delivery. It really made them take note of how well I coped and how good the outcome can be with hypnobirthing.
so grateful to you.


Another baby has joined the KG gang! Wilbur Edward was born on Sunday, 7lb 9oz.

Kemi & Kerry, we can’t thank you enough for everything. We had an uncomplicated labour & I used all the hypnobirthing techniques to birth Wilbur in the pool – the breathing was everything!! It was the birth I’d hoped for & Wilbur is a dream come true!

Thank you so so much Xxx


After taking Kerry’s hypnobirthing course, my husband and I felt relaxed and prepared for our first child’s birth. Kerry’s wealth of knowledge meant she could answer all of our questions leaving us informed and confident in our birth choices.

One thing in particular that really made a difference to how I gave birth was Kerry instilling in me that it is ok if things don’t go to plan and how to use the hypnobirthing techniques in the event of this. I didn’t have the birth I had planned for (home water birth) as I ended up with an emergency caesarean. However, as I was implementing all my hypnobirthing techinques, by the time we got to the hospital the midwives couldn’t believe how calm I was even though I had been in established labour for quite some time.

I have Kerry to thank for giving me the tools that enabled me to stay calm in a situation that had been unexpected and will definitely be visiting her for refresher sessions with every pregnancy to come!

Hypnobirthing FAQs

What is hypnobirthing?

It is using guided and self-hypnosis during the later stages of pregnancy and for labour and childbirth. It is a tried and tested method and the techniques learned prepare a mother to give birth in a relaxed and more peaceful way. Hypnobirths are usually shorter and often avoid the need for medical intervention.

What happens during the course?

The classes are designed so that you will learn about what happens during the later stages of your pregnancy and labour, physically and emotionally.

I will teach you how to use hypnosis and relaxation to benefit you, your baby and your partner. This will include relaxation, visualisation and special breathing techniques.

You will learn about the physiological changes that happen before and during birth so that you can confident and calm about the process and able to plan for and make decisions concerning all the available options for labour.

At the end of the course you will the knowledge to feel informed and the techniques to feel relaxed and this will enable you to make the right choices for you and feel in control.

Who can I bring along?

You are encouraged to bring your birthing partner along to the session. This may not be the birth father and can be whoever will be supporting you during the birth of your baby. If you have not planned for a birth partner you can come along yourself.

If you are looking for a professional doula (birthing companion) I can provide a list.

How long is the course?

Group course are run over one weekend and are usually 10am to 5pm.

One to one course can be arranges at a mutually convenient time and will consist of approximately 10 hour teaching time.

Share with a friend course can be arranges at a mutually convenient time and will consist of approximately 10 hour teaching time.

Refresher course can be arranged at a mutually convenient time and will consist of approximately 3 hours teaching time.

Where do the courses take place?

Courses run in Pimlico, London and South Norwood.

One to one or share with a friend courses run from the clinics in Pimlico and South Norwood and can be arranges in your home according to location and availability.

Refresher courses are run from the clinics in Pimlico and South Norwood.

When can I start?

It’s never to early to start hypnobirthing, when you feel ready and what feels right for you would be a good guide. The earlier you start the more time you have to practice, it can be beneficial even a week or two before birth.

I offer early relaxation classes to support you and help ease your mind and body during the first trimester.