Hypnotherapy Overview

Hypnosis is a pleasant experience allowing you to become physically relaxed, possibly more than you have ever been, while at the same time becoming mentally focused. It is a natural but altered state of consciousness. Most people often experience this without even realising it when it occurs. For example: when reading, watching television, listening to music or traveling. Have you ever arrived at your destination, and cannot remember passing certain roads or landmarks? This would be because you were in a light hypnotic state. Hypnotherapy is the use of this state for a therapeutic result, and so the treatment is not hypnosis but you are treated in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to give specific suggestions to remove or alter unwanted thoughts, behaviours and feelings and to encourage preferred thoughts, behaviours and feelings
It is completely safe when administered by a qualified professional. You will be in control and can hear what is said to you when you are in trance but it is also perfectly normal to not hear consciously and may forget what you have heard.

Clinical hypnosis follows a specifically defined protocol for treatment that is designed specifically to reduce fears, alleviate symptoms and to help the patient to take control of their condition and bring about changes they would like. Most people can be hypnotised and can be particularly effective if you are motivated to make the changes you want and you feel comfortable with your practitioner (this is important and should be considered from the outset).

It is important to be realistic in your expectations for change and this will be discussed with you to ensure the outcome is achievable. If you’re being treated by a medical practitioner you should contact your GP for their permission to undertake hypnotherapy. This is to ensure that it does not interfere with the treatment you might be currently undergoing.

Hypnotherapy Benefits

Anxiety and stress management

Modern life is information driven and we can be influenced by powerful messages and suggestions from so many sources that can change our thinking, feelings and behaviors. I can help you understand what is happening and gently and comfortably change your reactions to be calmer and feel more in control.

Release from fear and phobias

Fears and phobias are generally learned responses but we are often unaware that it happening and only find it a problem when it begins to get in the way and cause physical or emotional symptoms that you don’t want. Hypnotherapy is gentle way of reducing or eliminating this response easily and quickly.

Confidence, motivation, inspiration, achieving your goals

Changing the way you think is an effective way to increase self-esteem, boost your confidence, increase your belief in yourself become more creative and achieve greater success in everything you do.

Study, tests and exams and interviews

I will help you improve the way you study and prepare for any situation in life that is testing you. I have worked with people perform at their best in auditions, interviews and workplace training, pass a driving test with ease and with students at every level improve their performance in exams.

Personal fitness and sports performance

You can improve your performance in training and competition by improving your mindset. I have worked with elite athletes and people just wanting to get back in the gym to improve their health with wonderful results. Using hypnotherapy you can increase motivation and energy levels during workouts or overcome blocks that hold you back so that you can reach your full potential.

Emotional recovery and trauma

Sometimes we see, hear or experience things in life that are difficult to understand or recover from. I have helped people at many levels process and move on from these events and situations. I have worked with PTSD sufferers, including firefighters and paramedics, and also with people recovering from accidents or difficult situations such as loss of a loved one or family disruption.

Habits and addictions

We usually form habits and addictions without really being aware of it until its difficult to change or stop. Smoking, drinking, drugs, spending, gambling, OCD can hold you back and affect your emotional and physical health. I can help you change these behaviors once you are ready to do so and by treating each person individually rather than the habit it will benefit you in so many other ways.

IBS, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain

Hypnosis is a recognized therapy for IBS and can ease the symptoms and management of the condition. I have worked for many years helping people recover from and manage many chronic conditions that cause pain and discomfort including fibromyalgia, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), transverse mylitis and neuropathy.

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Thank you so much for yesterday it really helped. I was so calm in the interview it was an informal chat and I was really comfortable! Thank you thank you thank you! I wouldn’t have had the confidence otherwise!

It was only 1 person doing the interview and I met her on the open day. I have a conditional place just need to pass my exams its pretty much sorted!!!! Thanks again xxx

– SJ

Everything is good with me and I just want to thank you again for helping me to find out who I am and be comfortable with me. I feel happier than I have ever done before!

Thanks ever so!

– LM

Hypnotherapy FAQs

What is hypnosis?

It is a natural state that we experience regularly, often without realizing. When we are relaxed and our mind wander and daydreams or we are focusing on a film, reading a book or listening to music, for example, we are in a state of hypnosis also known as a trance.

What is hypnotherapy?

This is using the relaxed state of hypnosis to bring about changes in feeling, thought behaviors, that have been discussed and agreed upon and would be beneficial to your health and well being. You may want to respond differently to stress, change habits for a healthier lifestyle or increase your confidence for performance and exams.

Will I be in control and what will it feel like?

Yes, you are in control, just very relaxed and would be aware if something was suggested that was against your own values.

The experience is different for everyone, you may hear every word I say or you may not be aware of hearing all the words and feel as if you were asleep, however you experience it will be right for you. It is a very comfortable, relaxing and positive experience.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes anyone can go into a trance if they are willing to but nobody can be hypnotised against their will. There a few medical conditions that would require some consideration. Checking for these would be part of my initial consultation and suitability for hypnotherapy would be assessed and discussed.

Will I remember anything afterwards?

This will vary, you may consciously remember the content of the session or not. The content is remembered by the unconscious part of the mind that will affect the therapeutic value of the session.

What is it used for?

Almost all conditions that are influenced by the way you think can benefit from this treatment , emotional or psychological.

It is commonly used for addictions, anxiety, habits, negative thinking and phobias. It can also increase your confidence, improve your results in driving tests and exams and your performance on stage or even within the workplace, at meetings and socialising.